Music Process

Winter Candles is one of the songs that we are currently working on. After listening to the two bands, “Women” and “Television” I came up with my own guitar melody for this song. I don’t know much about music terminology, but I can describe it as staccato and old sounding. The twin reverb amp works wonders for the tonality of my guitar for this song.

Live Demo (Teaching the other members to play the song)

Demo of individual tracks with one vocal

Instrumental demo

Ideas for the future of Bitter Old Man


  • Gear List

    Gibson Sg Pro 1972

    Barris Krest Hallmark

    Roland Jc-77 1992

    Fender Twin Reverb Silverface 1972

    Elgam Model 3049

    Pearl Kit 1960’s

    Fender Precision Bass 2008

    Magnatone 1960

    Reel to Reel


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