The Hatch

This one is called “The Hatch”. I took this at near Marsonic Studios which is on Parc and Cremazie. The statue of Ganesh was taken at home. There is some continuity


I wanted to project what the boy is dreaming of in his sleep.  I am not too proud of this one, because it was the first one I made, but I do get an eerie feeling of pedophilia which is something that I’ve always had in mind when seeing that Elvis poster.

Lift Off

I took this at home and used the same red light from the other triptych. I was listening to Space Oddity while sifting through all the photos that I took and decided to put these photos together in order to convey the feeling of being confined inside a space pod with just a few switches to control it. Having a destination, and moving into another realm of this world. Exploring what belies at the bottom of the ocean, or heading to Aldebaran star.

Memory Boy

I have no clue why I put a seal in there. Hopefully this series of images will fit well to the song, “Memory Boy”, by Deerhunter. I was hoping I would get something out of this, but instead, I got a seal, a boy and the words, memory man. I guess I’m still at the process of trying my hands around visual imagery and photography.





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